A case of stomach cancer was detected by ultrasound across the abdomen. Diagnosis was confirmed by CT, upper endoscope of the abdomen with sample.
The condition suffered from abdominal pain, sound waves were found, obstruction was found in the bile ducts, and the patient had previously removed the gallbladder. The liver was all normal, including Bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, despite the obstruction of the bile duct. The stomach and the 12 cm thick were 12 mm in diameter, where Korm appeared at the place of ampulla of Vater, an important anatomical landmark where the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct cancer met in the duodenal papilla. The imaging evaluation of ampoule and peri-orbit It is a unique diagnostic challenge for radiologists due to the dissection of the complex and variable area and the variety of diseases that can occur in this place. It can be tumors that originate from the bile duct or from the pancreatic duct or from the 12 and there can be infections in the same places and tumors include tumors of the follicle cancer and tumors I have seen many cases of lymphoma of the lymphatic stomach, and I was sure that the pictures of sound waves apply to them, and note the presence of blockage in the bile ducts Not appearing in the analysis occurs in cases of complete blockage of the Ambola, and there may be cases of obstruction of the bile ducts without widening inside and outside the liver.
The case was evaluated by laparoscopy and a sample of the stomach and the duodenum and ampoule was found. It was found that there was an ulcer in the stomach that extended to the 12 and the ampulla area penetrated the 12 papillae and caused the blockage of the bile duct. -cell in the stomach has spread to the twelve and closed the ampula and the cause of blockage in the bile ducts … B-cell type non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the stomach and involving the duodenu.

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